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Transform Your Standard Cabinets into Something Special with These 13 Tips

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13 Ways to Transform Standard Builder Grade Cabinets

Looking for an affordable kitchen revamp? Your starter home’s kitchen can turn heads without emptying your pockets. From paint jobs to hardware swaps, you can give your kitchen cabinets a custom look without a full-scale renovation. Imagine taking those basic cabinets and infusing them with a dose of personality. With the following thirteen personalized adjustments, your kitchen can go from stock to standout.

Keep reading to uncover creative ideas for a magazine-worthy kitchen.

Transform Standard Builder Grade Cabinets
The Every Girl

1. Kick Things Off with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting your builder-grade cabinets can be nothing short of miraculous. It’s an affordable fix that makes a massive difference. Plus, you’re not putting good wood out of commission if you’re dealing with wood or laminate veneers.

Is your kitchen giving off dull vibes with unadorned cabinets? A good paint job will breathe new life into them. Whether leaning towards classic elegance or daring hues, the options are endless.

You can even get arty with a touch of stenciling, or ride the trend wave with bi-color cabinetry, showcasing a chic contrast between the top and bottom units. This works a treat, especially if your kitchen blends into the dining area and you’re craving a visual divide.

Keep the kitchen’s aesthetic harmony in mind when choosing your palette. Riotous red might not play nice with your granite counters or tile backsplash.

Harness the power of paint to transform your builder-grade cabinets over a weekend! It’s one of the most strikingly efficient makeovers you can undertake.

A Quick and Easy Guide to Painted Cabinets:

Five no-fuss steps for painted cabinets:

1. Degrease with a TSP cleaner.

2. Dull the shine with a deglosser – no sanding needed!

3. Apply a bonding primer and wait for it to set. This primer creates a paint-ready surface without additional sanding.

4. Employ cabinet-grade paint like Benjamin Moore Advance or Sherwin Williams Pro Classic using a mohair roller for a seamless finish.

5. Allow for adequate drying time between coats, swapping out rollers to maintain a smooth application.

Modernizing Kitchen Cabinets
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