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Refurbishing Wood Furniture: A Guide to Stripping Old Paint

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When it comes to finding treasures at thrift stores, painting can breathe new life into old furniture. However, too much paint can be overwhelming. Sometimes, the best way to revamp a piece of wood furniture is to strip it down completely and start fresh. This was the case with a chair covered in layers of old paint. Here’s how I tackled the task:

A white chair painted black and blue in the middle Black, white and wooden combination chair in front of the white wall on the wooden floor.

This particular chair held sentimental value to me, having once graced my college art studio. Over time, it accumulated layers of paint and had seen multiple makeovers. Now, with a new vision for my space, I wanted to update this cherished piece. Here’s how I stripped off the old paint, even through multiple layers.


What you'll need to strip paint


How to effectively use paint stripper to refinish furniture

Before starting the paint removal process, it’s essential to prepare the work area. Paint stripper is potent, so taking necessary precautions is crucial. Work on a disposable drop cloth outside while wearing chemical-resistant gloves, protective eyewear, and a face mask. If using spray paint stripper, ensure to shake the can well before application. If using the brushable variety, opt for disposable brushes.

Paint stripper works! Restore old furniture pieces and remove paint quickly

For large surfaces, work in sections to minimize the exposure to chemicals. After applying the paint stripper, wait 15-20 minutes before attempting to remove the old paint.

Paint stripper at work

After the waiting period, test a small area with a paint scraper. If the paint isn’t coming off easily, wait a bit longer for the paint stripper to take effect.

Scrape away old paint

You may need to reapply the paint stripper for stubborn areas or multiple layers of paint.

Paint stripper at work

After stripping off the paint, use a sander with a coarse grit to remove any leftover paint. A finer grit sandpaper can be used for a smoother finish.

Did you know you can turn your Dremel® into a mini-sander?

If the furniture piece can be disassembled, consider taking it apart for more accessible paint removal. For tight corners and spots, consider a Dremel oscillating tool with a sander attachment, as it can reach areas other tools might not.

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