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Transforming a Spare Room with an Indoor Paint Sprayer

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When it comes to painting, using an indoor paint sprayer can save time and give you a more consistent finish. Here’s our experience using one to makeover a spare bedroom.

Cozy Den Makeover Using a Paint Sprayer Indoors

Sponsored by Wagner and Trimaco

One of the things we enjoy about home improvement is finding tools that make the job easier and more efficient. Painting is no exception. We often paint various surfaces like walls, furniture, and even floor tiles because paint has a transformative effect on any space. However, painting can be time-consuming, messy, and demanding in terms of preparation. Recently, we had the opportunity to participate in a painting event hosted by Wagner Spray Tech, where we learned about the benefits of using an indoor paint sprayer. Despite our initial hesitation, we were pleasantly surprised by how quickly and flawlessly we could paint large walls. This experience convinced us that we would never go back to using a traditional roller for painting walls.

Not only did the indoor paint sprayer expedite the process, but it also provided flawless paint coverage without streaks or thin areas that needed touch-ups. With this newfound confidence, we embarked on a room makeover in our home, turning a cluttered spare bedroom into a cozy den. The success of this project encouraged us to experiment with using an indoor paint sprayer instead of traditional painting methods.

From Catch-All Room to Cozy Den: Room Makeover

Preparing for the Job

Using an indoor paint sprayer can significantly reduce painting time, but proper preparation is crucial for a successful outcome. We relied on essential supplies from Trimaco to ensure that our room was adequately prepped for painting.

Trimaco offers a range of painting protection products commonly used by professionals, making the prep work less daunting. As we discovered, whether you’re using a paint sprayer or traditional methods, similar prep work, such as taping around windows, trim, and baseboards, is necessary.

We found two products from Trimaco that are indispensable for indoor spraying:– Tape & Drape: pre-taped masking film that simplifies covering windows, doors, and other surfaces.

Cling Cover: self-adhering protective plastic sheeting that clings to almost any surface and attracts over-spray and dust.

Here’s how we prepared the room:

Prepping the Room: Tape and Drape Painter's Tape

We used Trimaco’s Tape & Drape painter’s tape to cover windows and baseboards. This tape comes with attached plastic, allowing for quick and efficient coverage. We also protected the floor by using a large, non-slip drop cloth from Trimaco, which stayed in place and provided effective protection.

Prepping a Room for a Paint Sprayer - Flooring

To ensure a clean work environment, we also wore plastic shoe coverings and took measures to control ventilation and airborne paint particles during the indoor painting process.

Cover your shoes for paint job prep.

Using a Paint Sprayer Indoors

We opted for the Flexio 590 Handheld Paint Sprayer for this interior paint job as it proved to be efficient, covering an 8×10 foot space in just 5 minutes. Before starting, we mixed the paint with Wagner’s Paint Easy additive to ensure smooth application. Despite thinning the paint, the coverage was exceptional, leaving a seamless finish.

It’s important to ensure proper ventilation when using an indoor paint sprayer to minimize the presence of airborne paint particles. Wearing a mask can also offer protection against inhaling these particles. However, we found that the Flexio 590 minimized overspray, making the process more manageable.

Painting Walls with a Paint Sprayer

Within 20 minutes, we successfully painted all four walls of the room without the need for second coats or touch-ups.

Helpful Tips for Using an Indoor Paint Sprayer

Here are some tips based on our experience:

1. Keep a damp cloth to wipe the sprayer tip periodically to prevent clogging and to ensure consistent spraying.

Paint Spraying Tip: Keep a Damp Cloth with You to Wipe the Tip of the Sprayer

2. Learn how to adjust the sprayer nozzle to control the spray pattern depending on your needs.

How to Paint a Room Using a Sprayer

3. Maintain a close distance of 6-8 inches from the wall when spraying to achieve even coverage.

4. Apply paint in strokes, and ensure an overlapping spray pattern for complete coverage.

Additionally, we found an instructional video on using a paint sprayer to be particularly helpful:

We allowed the paint to cure for an hour before removing the protective materials, revealing a perfectly painted room ready for the next phase of transformation.

Before revealing the final design and transformation of the room, it’s important to highlight the efficiency and ease of using an indoor paint sprayer. The speed and quality of the results make it a game-changing tool for any painting project. We highly recommend giving it a try and experiencing the remarkable difference it can make in your painting process.

A Look Inside the Den Transformation

For quite some time, we struggled with deciding how to utilize the spare room on our second floor. Initially, it served as a nursery, but later became a cluttered catch-all space. Eventually, we envisioned turning it into a cozy den and found the perfect opportunity to make it happen in just two weeks.

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