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A Beginner’s Guide to Bokashi Composting and Turning Kitchen Scraps into Nutrient-Rich Soil

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Get ready to get your hands dirty in a good way with this step-by-step guide to Bokashi composting.

What’s the Deal with Bokashi Composting?

If you’re curious about Bokashi and its benefits over traditional composting, here’s a quick rundown. Bokashi, a Japanese term for “fermented organic matter,” was developed by Dr. Teruo Higa in the 1980s to offer a faster and more flexible way to recycle kitchen scraps and enhance soil health.

Bokashi composting is different from traditional composting as it takes place in a sealed container without needing oxygen. It utilizes an anaerobic fermentation process to effectively break down all types of organic materials, including food scraps that would typically end up in the trash.

Why Should You Bokashi Compost?

Besides being an environmentally friendly composting method, Bokashi composting offers several advantages:

Super Speed – Bokashi can turn food scraps into compost in just a few weeks, much faster than traditional composting.

No Wasteful Waste – Bokashi allows you to recycle all types of kitchen waste, including meat, dairy, and citrus peels that many compost bins reject, reducing food waste.

Odor Control – Bokashi composting is nearly odorless, unlike regular compost bins.

Space Saver – Bokashi bins are compact and suitable for indoor use, making them ideal for those living in apartments.

Nutrient Ninja – Bokashi retains more nutrients in the pre-compost, providing a nutrient-rich meal for your garden every time you feed it.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

To begin your Bokashi composting journey, here’s what you’ll need:

1. Bokashi Bin

A sealed container with an airtight lid, which can be purchased or easily diy-ed by reusing a container at home.

2. Bokashi Bran

This is the key ingredient for Bokashi composting and contains effective microorganisms to speed up the breakdown of food waste.

3. Kitchen Scraps

Collect fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, eggshells, and other kitchen scraps.

4. Airtight Lid

An airtight lid to create an oxygen-free environment within the bin.

5. Kitchen Gloves

For handling kitchen waste and Bokashi bran.

6. Spatula

For compacting the waste layers in the bucket.

How to Start Your Bokashi Bin Magic

Begin by adding a layer of Bokashi bran at the bottom of your bin, then layer your kitchen scraps and sprinkle Bokashi bran over each layer. Compact the waste layers and finish with a final coat of Bokashi bran.

The Funky Fermentation Process

During fermentation, beneficial bacteria and microbes in the Bokashi bran break down the kitchen scraps, producing a nutrient-rich liquid known as “Bokashi tea.” Fermentation typically takes about two weeks, and the bucket should be checked regularly to ensure an airtight environment and monitor the fermentation progress.

So, What Happens Next?

Once fermentation is complete, you can bury the pre-compost in your garden or add it to your regular compost pile to complete the breakdown process.

A Few Tips and Tricks for Rockin’ Your Bokashi

If you encounter mold, foul odors, or want to speed up the fermentation process, there are various tips and tricks you can use to optimize your Bokashi composting experience.

Growing Green Goodness

Bokashi composting not only turns kitchen scraps into useful soil but also helps reduce waste in landfills and promotes greener environmental practices. It enriches the soil with nutrients and beneficial microorganisms, contributing to healthier plant growth and improved soil fertility, all while reducing the release of greenhouse gases.

By adopting Bokashi composting, you can make a positive impact on the environment while nourishing your garden. It’s a unique, space-saving, and fast way to recycle kitchen waste, making it an essential practice for eco-conscious individuals. Happy composting!

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