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Guide: Revamp a Table with Buffalo Check Pattern

by admin

I have a fondness for black and white and adore the high contrast buffalo check pattern. I have been incorporating this primarily red-and-black flannel pattern into my fall/winter wardrobe and home decor. Last year, I adorned an entire Christmas tree for only $10, with the buffalo check taking the spotlight.

When I stumbled upon this sturdy little table at a thrift store for $8, I saw an opportunity for a dramatic gingham makeover.

white and gray buffalo plaid table makeover, after
Image: Jeran McConnel
buffalo check coffee table
Image: Jeran McConnel
Books and white flower pots adorn a black and white checkered table.

With a bit of paint, tape, and patience, I was able to turn this uninspiring side table into a bold statement piece.

How to create a buffalo plaid painted coffee table


materials for DIY project

I had been interested in experimenting with chalk paint, although I had never used it before despite being an avid DIYer. I had the misconception that it was solely for shabby chic furniture, which didn’t align with my style. However, I found out that chalk paint dries quickly, which would be beneficial for the multiple layers required for this project. I can confidently say that I now appreciate chalk paint, particularly its fast drying.

sand the table first

Begin by thoroughly sanding the furniture piece. I used a power sander for a quick and smooth surface.

remove all the dust

Clear the furniture of any dust.

prime the furniture with one coat of primer

Apply a coat of primer to the piece. I utilized a spray primer for a quick application and a clean surface for painting. Then coat the entire piece in white, including the table top and legs. Let it fully dry.

tape off the stripes for the buffalo plaid pattern

Using 1 1/2″ wide painter’s tape, create 3″ stripes across the top of the piece, maintaining equal spacing between the stripes. This will form 3 x 3″ squares in the final buffalo plaid pattern.

A person is painting grey stripes with a blue and green pattern.

Paint the stripes grey (you could also use black if your alternating color is going to be red). Let it dry.

remove the tape

Remove the tape.

A blue and white striped table on a blanket.
Black and white striped table with blue tape striped across it.

Now, tape 3″ sections in the opposite direction on the table. I started from the

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